Friday, August 24, 2007 is now live!

A research/community site with professionally maintained resource lists to help you find what you need about about SharePoint and Enterprise Search.

Here are some direct links to our big resource lists:

Our BIG Lists

Definitions  -  gain an understanding of all the Enterprise Search buzz words out there.
Resources   - this is a prime example of how to make a SharePoint list useful, with faceted navigation and Web 2.0 features. Oh and the content is very helpful also.
User Groups  - find a SharePoint user group in your area.
Application Matrix    - provides a cross reference from your LOB applications to the vendors that integrate it into sharepoint
Products  - all the SharePoint Search related add-on products from all the vendors.

and my blog has moved to: Christopher on SharePoint where you will find lots of information about how to customize SharePoint Search including how to write your own protocol handlers.

I also have another blog at:  Christopher on Community and Securing SharePoint which provides very useful tips and info about how to create a secure internet facing community site.

lastly if you are struggling to connect your LOB system to SharePoint search or are interested in deploying a community site based on SharePoint see

Monday, June 11, 2007


I wasn't here long I know, but just finished as a community site and moved there.

My blog is now located at

Christopher on SharePoint Search

SharePoint Community Development by Christopher